Welcome to the Net Zero Challenge 2023, the leading climate-tech innovations competition in Vietnam that seeks to accelerate sustainable solutions towards net zero goal.

Net Zero Challenge 2023, brought to you by Touchstone Partners and Temasek Foundation, aims to identify and support early-stage innovations and teams that have the potential to revolutionize the way we address environmental challenges at scale.

This year, we are seeking innovative and feasible solutions that can contribute to the removal of carbon emissions and drive positive change in 3 key areas:

Renewables & Carbon Removal

Food Systems & Sustainable Agriculture

Circular Economy & Waste Management.

Our goal is to discover groundbreaking technologies and scalable projects that can quickly be adopted to address pressing sustainability issues. It is essential that the proposed projects can be piloted and implemented effectively within Vietnam, showcasing their potential to tackle climate change in a local context.While teams may be based anywhere in the world, their proposed projects must be applicable to Vietnam and aligned with the specific sustainability tracks identified for this competition.


We are seeking innovative solutions that drive the adoption of renewable energy sources and contribute to the removal of carbon emissions. Of key interest are breakthrough technologies and scalable projects that enhance carbon sequestration, improve effectiveness and efficiency of energy use, such as in transportation and alternative materials in construction, and solutions for carbon markets.

What we look for in your solution

  • Significantly reduce the carbon emissions produced by industries and buildings (e.g., transportation, cooling systems, construction, industrial or residential use).
  • Technology and/or business-based solutions to accelerate the adoption of renewable energy or drive energy efficiency
  • Be carbon negative in the overall lifecycle and have zero/minimal externalities.

We are focused on addressing the challenges that climate change poses to our food systems and agriculture. We are looking for innovative tech-enabled solutions that enhance food production, improve agricultural practices, and promote sustainability in the face of a changing climate.

What we look for in your solution

  • Enhance food production and ensure food security while minimizing environmental impacts.
  • Promote sustainable agricultural practices and resilience to climate change.- Improve resource efficiency in agriculture, including feeds, water and energy usage.
  • Alternative food solutions based on local conditions. Solutions to help scaling alternative food products to mass adoption.
  • Address challenges related to climate change, such as extreme weather events and shifting growing conditions. Solutions that prevent, predict, monitor and/or help with natural disasters contingency planning and rescue efforts.
  • Demonstrate innovative approaches to sustainable pest management, soil health, and crop diversity.
  • Consider the social and economic aspects of sustainable agriculture, including livelihoods of farmers.

We are committed to promoting a circular economy and efficient waste management practices. We are seeking innovative solutions that can contribute to reducing waste, promoting recycling, and transforming waste into valuable resources.

What we look for in your solution

  • Minimize waste generation and promote efficient resource use.
  • Facilitate recycling, reusing, and up-cycling of materials to create closed-loop systems.
  • Address specific waste management challenges in Vietnam, such as plastic waste, e-waste, or organic waste.
  • Showcase innovative technologies for waste treatment, sorting, and recycling.
  • Consider the social, economic, and environmental benefits of the circular economy approach.
  • Highlight the economic viability and market potential of the proposed solution.

Our competition format involves multiple stages to identify the most promising entries. Initially, we will conduct a rigorous evaluation to shortlist the top 10 to 15 entries per track based on the quality of their applications, proof-of-concept, and applicability to the challenge statements. Subsequently, a panel of investors, corporates, and domain experts will assess the shortlisted entries and select three finalists per track to advance to the grand finale. Shortlisted finalists will be invited to pitch their projects, and the winning teams will receive 15 billion Vietnam Dong (VND) non-dilutive cash to pilot their projects in Vietnam, driving tangible sustainability impact.