Have any questions regarding Net Zero Challenge? Read the following article to find your answer, or leave us a message via n0c@touchstone.vc

Your team is eligible to join if your solutions are:

– Technology-based, including but not limited to: software, AI, hardware, deeptech, food-tech, agritech, new materials, new energy technology, new processes, innovations in bio or chemical engineering and tech-enabled business models. (If you’re unsure, send us a note at n0c@touchstone.vc)

– Commercially viable and scalable, with a prototype showing proof of value, demonstrating potential for widespread adoption

– Suitable for Vietnam context and the country’s specific challenges and opportunities for implementation

– Having clear plans for pilot projects and implementation routes in Vietnam

  1. Once submissions are closed, applications will be screened and shortlisted based on the proposals ability to address the challenge statements. Our shortlisting panel consists of the organizers, investors, corporates and domain experts. Submissions are selected based on the quality of their application, proof-of-value and ability to scale in Vietnam.
  2. Shortlisted finalists are required to accept the invitation to pitch at the Grand Finale (first week of December 2023) within 3 working days. In the event they fail to do so, their spot will be given to the next best project.

We are looking for teams that have developed at least a minimal viable product (MVP)

Yes, we are looking for teams with a minimum viable product (MVP) with proof of value (tested and validated by a small group of users) to be eligible for the competition. Having revenue is not part of our application criteria.

If the solution addresses challenges in multiple sectors, participants can choose a main theme the solution addresses, and add the secondary themes in the description.

On top of providing the cash fund for your pilot, we also help with connecting you to corporate partners and government agencies with the right expertise and network to support your innovation to scale.

Yes, you can choose any partners for your pilot (but feel free to not partner with any organization as well). We will help you make the connection if possible.

Yes, teams can join from anywhere in the world. You do not need to have a Vietnamese team-member to join.

Yes, but we encourage you to fly in to pitch in person. We will also organize finalist reception, mentorship programs, VIP networking events that can be helpful to your project.

Having investment from our Investor Partners is an option but not an obligation to the finalists team. The specific term sheets will be shared and agreed with the teams before our Grand Finale.

Your project needs to conduct the pilot in Vietnam in order to receive the grant. Other secondary requirements include: having a clear plan with milestones, budget and evaluation metrics. There are no any program fees, equity-related terms, or other hidden terms.

Yes. Teams can be startups, research teams, corporate projects, and nonprofits that are ready for a large-scale pilot that can pave the way for scalability.

On top of the 15 Billion VND (~ $630K) equity-free grant, you also have the chance to secure:

1. $US 50,000 investment from Touchstone Partners
2. $US 50,000 investment from Pavilion Capital
3. $US 50,000 investment from East Ventures

As well as exclusive offers from our partners

The information you provide on your application will only be available to the following:

– The Organizers (to manage your application)

– The Shortlisting Panel (to evaluate your application)

– The Judges

– Our Investor Partners & Knowledge Partners 

Submissions are evaluated based on your technology level, potential to scale, the relevance of your solution to Vietnam’s context, and the impact and quality of your pilot project.

Finalists: Mid-November 2023

Winners: Early December 2023

No, solo innovators are welcomed to join. But please note that you’ll need to have developed an MVP with proof of value!

Once milestones and deliverables for the project have been agreed upon with Temasek Foundation, the first disbursement would typically happen within 4 to 6 weeks of signing the grant agreement. Subsequent disbursement will be based on agreed-upon project milestones in the final contract, on a reimbursement basis.

Strategic Partner

Investor Partners

Knowledge Partners

Venue Partner

Outreach Partners

Technology Partner

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